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How to Download Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel for Free and Learn from the Legendary Poet

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Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel

Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel is a collection of devotional poems and songs written by Meerabai, a 16th century poet and saint from Rajasthan, India. Meerabai was one of the most influential and revered female poets in the Bhakti movement, a religious and social reform movement that emphasized personal devotion to God over ritualistic practices. Meerabai's poems express her love and devotion for Lord Krishna, the supreme deity in Hinduism, and her defiance of the social norms and expectations that constrained her as a woman.

Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel is available for free download from the NCERT website. It is a part of the Class 10 Hindi Sparsh textbook, which covers various genres and themes of Hindi literature. The book contains 14 poems by Meerabai, along with their meanings, explanations and questions for students to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the poet's works.

Meerabai's life was marked by many challenges and hardships, but also by many miracles and blessings. She faced opposition and persecution from her own family and society for her unconventional devotion to Krishna, which transcended the boundaries of caste, class and gender. She refused to follow the norms of widowhood and renounce her worldly possessions and pleasures. Instead, she continued to sing and dance in ecstasy for her beloved Krishna, whom she considered as her true husband.

Meerabai's poems are full of passion, emotion and longing for Krishna. She expresses her intense love and devotion for him in simple and elegant language, using metaphors and imagery from nature and everyday life. She also criticizes the hypocrisy and corruption of the religious elite, who claim to know God but are far from him in their actions. She challenges the authority and legitimacy of the Brahmins, who try to exclude her from the temple and the sacred scriptures. She asserts her right and freedom to worship Krishna in her own way, without any mediation or restriction.

Meerabai's poems have been sung and recited by millions of devotees across India for centuries. They have been translated into many languages and adapted into various musical forms and genres. They have inspired many artists, writers and scholars to explore the themes of love, devotion, mysticism and feminism in her works. Meerabai is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets and saints of India, and a symbol of spiritual liberation and empowerment for women.

One of the main features of Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel is that it provides the original text of Meerabai's poems in Hindi, along with their transliteration in Roman script and their translation in English. This makes it easy for students and readers to understand and appreciate the beauty and meaning of Meerabai's words. The book also provides annotations and explanations of the difficult words and phrases, as well as the cultural and historical context of Meerabai's life and times.

Another feature of Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel is that it includes questions and activities for students to test their comprehension and critical thinking skills. The book also encourages students to explore their own creativity and expression by writing their own poems or songs inspired by Meerabai's works. The book also provides suggestions for further reading and research on Meerabai and other Bhakti poets.

Meerabai Ke Pad Pdf Freel is not only a valuable resource for students and teachers of Class 10 Hindi, but also for anyone who is interested in learning more about Meerabai and her remarkable contribution to Indian literature and spirituality. The book offers a glimpse into the soul of a woman who defied all odds and obstacles to follow her heart and love her Lord. The book also celebrates the power and joy of poetry and music as a means of expressing one's deepest feelings and connecting with the divine. b99f773239


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