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When they got comfortable, she turned to him, looked deeply into his blue eyes once again and wanted to give him sex like he hadn't had in years. He looked back at her and saw a woman that actually reminded him of his own daughter. That aroused him even more, for as his daughter matured into womanhood, he developed a genuine curiosity regarding the sexuality of his own flesh and blood. He never acted on these thoughts, of course, but perhaps what was about to unfold that afternoon might give him a glimpse into what it would be like to be with his own daughter.

Ray unbuttoned his sweater and began to undo his belt. Janie reached over and took over for him. Undoing a man's pants was one of her favorite parts of cock play. That way she could control the speed and tempo of the activity and create a much more dramatic and sensual reveal of the man's equipment.

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She moved her hand down his belly to the waistband of his boxers and then slid her fingers inside past the elastic and pulled them down to expose his semi-erect cock. He lifted his hips and she took his cue and pulled his pants and underwear down past his knees. As his cock thickened, he leaned back in the seat and spread his knees apart, giving his younger lover a clear view of his penis and scrotum.

Janie was thrilled with the sight of this little old man leaned back in the seat next to, proudly showing her his manhood. She leaned back in to nuzzle his face and neck again and reached down and wrapped her right hand around his cock.

Ray dick wasn't enormous but it was about six to seven inches when Janie's touch brought him to full erection. His girth was respectable and her small hand wrapped around it was an exciting sight for both of them. She lightly rubbed her hand up and down his shaft, taking in every detail, every lump, every vein. Her fingertips grazed over his large, circumcised cock head. As she ran her index finger across his pee hole, she felt the stickiness of a large drop of precum that had leaked from the tip.

She couldn't tease him any longer and she finally opened her mouth and began sucking the head of Ray's dick. He looked down and watched this lovely woman worship his penis with her mouth. No one had sucked his cock in over thirty years. It was better than he ever remembered.

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Ray could do nothing but nod in agreement. Janie took the head of Ray's cock back into her mouth and rubbed his shaft with her left hand and then, true to her word, slid the index finger of her right hand deep into the old man's anus.

Ray gasped as Janie's finger reached his enlarged, highly sensitive prostate gland. As she wiggled her finger in his butthole, she continued to give him a perfect view of her pretty face with his hard cock moving in and out of her mouth. He reached down and took a handful of her hanging, saggy tit in his hand and massaged it.

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