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Buy Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft today also introduced the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000, a notebook mouse with stunning color offerings at an affordable price, based on the design of the No. 1 best-selling notebook mouse in the U.S.1

buy microsoft arc mouse

The main feature of the Arc Mouse remains unchanged: the mouse lays completely flat when not in use, which also disables the Bluetooth. Folding the mouse into the arc position enables Bluetooth and gives it an ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It's a brilliant design.

Arc Mouse is best thought of as a travel mouse, hence the co-branding with Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. Of course, you could just as easily use it with the Surface Studio or any Windows 10 PC desktop or laptop that has Bluetooth 4.0.

At just 14 mm thin at its thickest point, the flat Arc Mouse easily slips into a bag making it the best travel mouse around, because there is no rounded bulge. The ability to bend it to an arc is bizarre yet awesome since no other mouse does this trick.

Also on the bottom is the Bluetooth pairing button. You simply hold the button for about 10 seconds, and the Bluetooth light will blink rapidly. Just pair the Arc Mouse to Windows 10 using Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth. The system downloads a small driver from Windows Update.Then the mouse is all set, with no OS restart required. The mouse can be paired to only one PC at a time.

Microsoft ditched the scroll strip from the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse SE. That strip is used for navigation and acted as a particular point on the mouse head for that function. There was an ingenious haptic feedback system where that scrolling activated a tiny speaker and motor to simulate a physical scroll wheel. It's a weird but satisfying experience.

The Surface Arc Mouse is likely the best travel mouse you can get if you want the most compact, no-fuss setup. The design and colors are outstanding, the build quality is fantastic, and it's just a very cool device. The design is an improvement over the original Arc Touch Mouse SE - it's smoother, cleaner looking, and more elegant.

I think the overall experience is above average, but I'm not ready to give up my Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse SE. I find its performance and ergonomics are just better. The good news is that mouse is still available, and I may pick up another since mine is getting long in the tooth.

I consider the app a must-download if you want to tweak your Arc mouse. Ironically, those on the Surface Laptop who are using Windows 10 S cannot install this application unless they switch to Windows 10 Pro.

The Arc Mouse is a family of portable computer mice produced by Microsoft. A mobile mouse, the device has evolved over a number of years, including special editions designed to coordinate with the company's Surface family of computers. All versions of the Arc Mouse are folding and include scrolling capability, and the first version was released in 2008.[1]

Initially release in 2008, Microsoft positioned the Arc Mouse as a fashionable, portable mouse. Available in black or red, the mouse featured a folding design. Wireless communication was provided over 2.4 GHz, and the mouse used a laser for tracking.[2]

Announced along with the Surface Laptop in 2017, the Surface Arc Mouse replaces the buttons and touch strip with a large capacitive touch surface, and it's available in colors that match the new laptop.[9] As of December 2019, the mouse is available on the Microsoft Store for $69.99. [10]

Microsoft makes some amazing PCs, like the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Laptop Studio. While the big hardware typically gets all the attention, Microsoft also makes a line of accessories, and some are pretty exciting. The Arc Mouse is one of those devices that you have to see to believe, featuring a slim and sleek design that can lay flat if it needs to be packed. While this mouse typically retails for $80, it's received a temporary discount, bringing it price down to a remarkable $36.

The mouse is currently on sale from Amazon and Best Buy, with both companies offering the same discount and a wide variety of colors. There's Black, Light Grey, Lilac, Poppy Red, Sage, and Soft Pink. The sale is only available for a limited amount of time. So if you're interested, be sure to pick one up before the promotion expires. While these mice are for everyday use, you can also find some excellent deals on some of the best gaming mice available as well.

Up front, where the controls are located, the Arc Touch mouse is encased in hard gray plastic, and the back end, the part that arcs, is coated with a slightly darker gray rubber-like material. The controls consist of left and right buttons separated by a plastic strip that acts like a depressible scroll wheel, and, as with most mice, you can change the behavior of the buttons and wheel, as well as alter the scroll speed, pointer, and so on, from an app you can download from Windows Store. While the mouse itself will pair with MacOS 10.10 or higher, alas, there is no such app for Macs. It will not work with any Android device.

The Arc Touch mouse is powered by two (included) AAA batteries housed in a compartment on the underside of the non-arcing portion of the device. Microsoft says that with regular use you should get about six months from a set of batteries. To turn the mouse on, it must be fully arced, making it difficult to accidently activate in your backpack or pocket.

So this is very annoying and why I am always hesitant about upgrading with MAC. Now my mouse will not stay connected to bluetooth. I have no problems with my previous versions of macOS. Now it is almost everyday that I have to reset the bluetooth. This is the most comfortable affordable mouse on the market for me and I will be very disappointed if MAC cannot fix this.

I have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a brand new Dell XPS 13. I bought a Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse (the one without the dongle). My current problem is that my Bluetooth manager is not able to discover my mouse. All the other problems related to this question are dealing with a bug that, once paired, causes the mouse to not work properly. My problem is that I can't even pair it, because I can't see it. Here is a comprehensive list of what I have done and tried:

I suppose the only thing I wasn't able to fully try was the solution to Surface Arc Touch Mouse not working with Ubuntu 15.04. This is because the solution itself is kind of vague and gives no clear instruction on how to do the steps that are listed. But again, this is for somebody who could see the mouse, but could not connect.

As you might imagine, to scroll you simply drag your finger down the Arc Touch Mouse's metal tab. Like the Magic Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse supports accelerated scrolling, which means you can flick your finger down the tab to scroll more quickly through long documents. Microsoft's design is unique in that it features vibration feedback that mimics both the feel and the sound of a traditional physical scroll wheel. This feature actually gives you a more precise feel to your scrolling, and also lets you know when your finger has left the touch-sensitive tab. If you prefer a vibration-free scrolling experience, or a different scrolling speed, you can adjust both in the mouse's software.

Otherwise, from an interface standpoint, the Arc Touch Mouse behaves like a regular mouse. Microsoft's proprietary BlueTrack laser sensor gives you responsive cursor movement that you can use on a variety of surfaces. Sadly, you get no thumb-side buttons on the Arc Touch Mouse, which we've come to consider indispensable for moving backwards and forwards while Web browsing. Perhaps to make up for the lack of a back button and the absence of a middle mouse button, the mouse allows you to program the scroll tab within the software to act as a button, but that's hardly a replacement.

Aside from the touch scrolling, the Arc Touch Mouse's other unique feature is its collapsible design. The body of the mouse is wrapped in thin black rubber, but inside is an articulated frame that you can snap into either a curved or flat-lying position. Microsoft markets this adjustable design as a benefit to travelers, and perhaps if you have a particularly cramped laptop bag you might appreciate it. The mouse also powers off in its flat mode, ensuring that you won't accidentally drain the pair of included AAA batteries.

Despite the Arc Touch Mouse's distinct benefit for travelers, the paired -down design has a certain flimsy feel to it. Your reviewer has only modest-size hands, but the mouse still felt like it was too dainty, and I never felt the same surety of cursor control that comes with the heft of a traditional desktop-size mouse. That's a subjective judgment, of course, and perhaps my opinion would change after using the mouse for an extended period of time. For now, I still prefer the Logitech MX family of mice, of which the MX 1100 is closest in price to the Arc Touch Mouse.

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is now selling at a discounted price at Amazon. It is pocket-friendly and has a BlueTrack sensor that lets you use the mouse on a variety of surfaces. The Arc mouse also features a touch-sensitive scroll tab that has both vibration feedback and accelerated scrolling features. And now, you can now bring home all of these cool technologies at a discounted price.

Lightweight and slim, the Microsoft Arc mouse is the ideal travel companion for your device. Its ergonomic, flexible design means it conforms to perfectly fit the palm of your hand for absolute comfort and flattens out to neatly fit in the pouch pocket of your work bag.

Power-saving construction\n The Arc mouse will switch off when it's flattened out and will come on when it's curved in your palm, giving you a quick and efficient way to conserve power. 041b061a72


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