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Jack Torres

Brownstone - All I Do (1997)

i sure hope that was a equipment issue because if not no need for brownstone to even think about coming back. as for nicci that child needs therapy. and quick. she is a busy body of the highest order..

Brownstone - All I Do (1997)

On May 28, 1993, the debtor, 47-49 Charles Street, Inc., filed a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. By order of the Bankruptcy Court dated March 10, 1995, the case was converted to a Chapter 7 case and John S. Pereira was appointed trustee. The debtor's assets consist of two adjoining brownstone buildings located at 47-49 Charles Street in New York City containing rental units and a carriage house located to the rear known as 253 West 4th Street (collectively the "Premises"). The Premises are currently being operated by the trustee under a series of operating orders of the Bankruptcy Court. Fischer is an occupant of one of the units of the Premises.

Most college campuses touted Internet connectivity by 1997. Butas co-workers in the higher education technology practice at KPMG,Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky, now both 28, discoveredstudents were mostly e-mailing and "studying" Quake andDoom. Intent on maximizing the educational benefits ofschools' Internet infrastructures, Chasen, a Georgetown MBA,and Pittinsky, a Harvard Education School alum, quit KPMG andrented a Dupont Circle, DC, brownstone under the name BlackboardLLC (now Inc.) to create a software solution.

Four months later, Blackboard scored revenue through a1,600-college/university consulting contract. Enter a dozen morebodies into the two-room, desk-dense brownstone, already atcapacity with two guys and a dog.

Another beach walk will collect samples of the sand and stones that are common to local shores. Pink granite with quartz and mica, shale, brownstone, basalt and marble can be found. Their pebbles are nicely rounded by the wave action. Back in class, the students will relate their stones to the geologic history of Long Island Sound. The basalt was formed by magma cooling into solid form. It underlies the Connecticut Central Valley and is mined by the Tilcon Corporation as traprock. The sedimentary rocks, shale and brownstone are formed when rocks breakdown, and reform with minerals and bond with natural cement, all under pressure. The granite, a plutonic rock, was formed under heat and pressure. It contains mica, a complex silicate; quartz, silicon dioxide; and feldspar, a combination of aluminum silicates, sodium, potassium and calcium.. Glacier action exposed the coastal granite to the erosive forces of the waves. The marble, a metamorphic stone was formed by limestone which crystallized under heat and pressure. There is also the possibility that the students will find samples of sea glass or industrial slag. 041b061a72


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