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The 3rd Eye 2

The 3rd Eye 2 (Indonesian: Mata Batin 2) is a 2019 Indonesian horror film directed by Rocky Soraya and written by Riheam Junianti and Rocky Soraya, and is the sequel to The 3rd Eye from 2017 made by the same director and writers.[1][2][3]

The 3rd Eye 2

The story starts with Alia taking a shower and a ghost observing her from behind. A mysterious ghost called Mirah has been following Alia and her sister Abel for almost a year now. Alia who is intrigued by the ghost Mirah wants to find out more about its past and help it. She learns about psychometry, the ability to see an object's past when in direct skin contact with it, from her spiritual adviser Mrs. Windu. She uses her newly earned psychometric skills to find out Mirah's past from her necklace. Her vision shows a brown color mansion too big for a normal family to live in. At the same time she sees the future with water magic and sees her sister Abel dying. She quickly rushes to Abel but it's too late, she was already dead and Mirah's spirit was standing beside her.

Trying to maintain her calm after Abel's death, Alia volunteers at an orphanage run by Mrs.Lakshmi and Mr.Fadli, a married couple. When she reaches the orphanage she is astonished to see that it is the same mansion that came in her visions of Mirah's necklace. She meets a teen Nadia who also has an opened third eye which means she can see ghosts both evil and good with her naked eye. She draws them to get them out of her head. Alia and Nadia bond and share each other's secrets. Nadia reminds Alia of her sister Abel which makes her even more close to her. They find out about a girl Darmah who Is locked inside one of the rooms in the mansion. She is a ghost in search of revenge. Alia and Abel unleash her which leads to a string of supernatural havoc at the house. They then communicate with her and find out she wants everyone to know the truth. Mrs.Laksmi reveals that Darmah is her niece and Mirah, her sister. They were found murdered at the same mansion a year ago. Visions seen by Nadia and Alia quickly confirm that Fadli was the one who murdered Mirah and her daughter Darmah who was also his biological daughter because he didn't want anyone to find out about his illegitimate daughter and affair with his wife's sister. He did this after Mirah was stubborn to tell everyone the truth. Later it is also revealed that Mr.Fadli was the one who killed Abel because he didnt want her to reveal his secrets to his wife- Mrs.Lakshmi. The child ghost Darmah shows this to Alia which makes her go mad at Fadli for killing her beloved sister. There is a scene where Abel appears from heaven and tells Alia to forgive Fadli since revenge is a negative emotion. She comes to her senses and forgives Fadli. Mirah in contrast has gone to heaven as she had left all her negative feelings behind. She begs her daughter to also forgive her father and come to heaven with her, but to no avail. Fadli is killed by Darmah who is in Alia's body. She (Darmah) goes to hell for her sins. Nadia who is in a wounded condition and thus dead, is brought back to life by Abel's touch.

Mrs. Windu comes to the mansion to help Mrs.Laksmi and Nadia manage their third eyes. Mrs.Windu informs Alia about an evil spirit that exists in the mansion because of her being late in closing the portal to the netherworld. Nadia hears a girl's sound asking her to play with her. She goes to the source of the voice only to see the ghost of a girl with a rotten smell indicating it is evil.

Trying to accept their newfound gifts, Alia (Jessica Mila) and her sister Abel (Bianca Hello) still struggle with being able to see the spirits in the world around them. When Abel gets killed in a tragic accident with a spirit, Alia goes to work with Mrs. Laksmi (Sophia Latjuba) at her orphanage where she meets young Nadia (Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia) who has the gift of the third eye like they do and is also seeing a malevolent ghost around the area. As it becomes apparent that something malicious is inside the orphanage with them, they are forced to use their powers to find out the cause of the hauntings and put an end to the spirits' terrifying rampage across the other residents.

Also fun is the return of the supernatural elements that were present in the first entry. Introducing Nadia with the same powers as Abel allows this one to keep up the idea of being able to see ghosts and spirits around them using their Third Eye powers in a new setting. That ends up offering the chance to keep up with the familiar elements in the storyline. Returning to the themes of retribution and revenge on the family member responsible for their death by haunting their place of death much as the original did, the slowly-unraveled mystery of the haunting allows for Alia and Nadia to utilize their powers of foresight to see what really happened to the characters to help speed the process along. As well, the return of Bu Windu to assist in astral projection and return to the spirit world full of bright colors and ravenous ghosts makes for a great continuation and cohesion into the universe. All told, these here hold the film up as being enjoyable.

However, there are several major flaws in the film. The first issue is that much like the first entry, there's far too much emphasis on utilizing cliched Hollywood jump-scares that are too obvious in their setup. Part 1 featured way too many scenes of ghostly figures walking by quickly in the background or popping up unexpectedly and charging at a character, a trend which is repeated continuously throughout here. As well, another in the film is an annoying habit of having hands reach out from underneath beds or dressers pulling objects underneath only to disappear upon investigating the incident. This happens several times throughout the movie and really wears out its welcome the more it's used. However, none of these hurt the film as much as the overlong and dragged out finale that feels like a repeat of the first one, offering the return to the spirit world, overdrawn special effects work and a last-second twist that sets up a potential third film which is unnecessary and feels like overkill. It's enough to lower the rating enough from the good elements presented beforehand.

Parents need to know that The 3rd Eye 2 is a 2019 horror movie in which a young woman with paranormal abilities unleashes a demon child determined to avenge her murder. While it's a sequel, only the main character is a carryover from the original, and the opening basically summarizes what happened before. Expect lots of horror violence and demonic imagery. While not as gory as some horror movies, it still has some bloody moments, including a decapitation with a power saw, characters stabbing each other and themselves with knives and tire irons, and a tire iron used to bludgeon one of the characters. In an afterlife, characters are shown chained to walls and whipped by demons. This is a trite horror movie that will probably get more laughs and groans than scares and screams from older teens and adults.

In THE 3RD EYE 2, Alia has taken on a job in an orphanage, working for the kindly married couple Fadli and Laksmi. The orphanage seems pleasant enough, despite the power going in and out at random times for no apparent reason, and objects falling and shattering, also at random times for no apparent reason. Soon, Alia meets one of the orphans, a teen named Nadia. Soon, Alia discovers that Nadia also has visions of demons and ghosts, and hears one demon in particular in the walls. Further exploration reveals a secret room, where Alia and Nadia discover a demon girl there named Darmah, who wants to be freed so she can reveal "the truth." Nadia uses her paranormal abilities to liberate Darmah, but by doing so discovers a shocking truth about who Darmah was, how she died, and who killed her. Now, with the help of her mentor, Mrs. Windu, Alia must find a way to stop Darmah from getting revenge, reunite her with her mother (who was also murdered) in the afterlife, and save the orphanage from demonic possession.

This movie is as trite and derivative as horror movies come. It's hard to even know where to begin. For starters, the overuse of jump scares not only inures the audience to these abrupt shifts in scene and music 30 minutes in, it also diminishes any actual scary or suspenseful moments the movie might actually have had. Setting a horror movie in an orphanage isn't exactly groundbreaking. The 3rd Eye 2 might as well have one of the lead characters urgently whisper, "I see dead people!" Apparently, Hell resembles the interior of an unused office space in a Van Nuys strip mall, only with more red lighting.

It's a cheesy horror movie, and any fun that could be had from the cheese is counterbalanced by how derivative it is. It's also about 30 minutes longer than it needs to be, which is what happens in movies with far too many of the aforementioned jump scares. The acting actually isn't bad, which is probably the best thing to be said for this movie. The special effects and makeup are well done, even if the lead demon character basically looks like Beetlejuice's angry daughter. But these relatively good points don't make up for the rest.

This movie frequently relies on jump scares -- abrupt changes in scene punctuated by loud blasts of suspenseful music -- in order to make audiences think that something truly suspenseful, scary, or gory is about to happen. What happens when jump scares are used too often? Can you think of other horror movies that use jump scares to great effect?

The 3rd Eye 2 (or Mata Batin 2) was directed and co-written by Rocky Soraya. He seems to be like a regular Energizer Bunny when it comes to making horror movies. And you can find a lot of them on Netflix already.

My favorite so far is definitely the first The Doll which is why I expected too much from him in the past. Especially after the last movie, I watched by him which is titled Suzzanna: Buried Alive and received one of our (relatively few) 1-star ratings. 041b061a72


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