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[S1E5] Fail-Safe PATCHED

Some AIs have personal fail-safes. Dr. Halsey stated that not all AI have such a fail safe, rather, only the important ones.[2] In case of rampancy or other danger to humans caused by the AI, the fail safe can be activated. It works by generating a pulse beam of high frequency ultraviolet light in the Riemann matrix, destroying the higher thought functions of the AI, effectively erasing it. It is unknown how common this information is since James Ackerson's AI Araqiel failed to recognize the fail safe. This indicates that the information is kept secret from the AIs for obvious reasons.[3]

[S1E5] Fail-Safe


In addition to the probable cause, the NTSB found these contributing factors:[6]Alaska Airlines' extension of its lubrication interval for its McDonnell Douglas MD-80 horizontal stabilizer components, and the FAA's approval of that extension, the last of which was based on McDonnell Douglas's extension of the recommended lubrication interval, increased the likelihood that a missed or inadequate lubrication would result in the near complete deterioration of the jackscrew-assembly acme-nut threads, and therefore, was a direct cause of the excessive wear and contributed to the Alaska Airlines Flight 261 accident.Alaska Airlines's extended end-play check interval and the FAA's approval of that extension, allowed the acme-nut threads to deteriorate to the point of failure without the opportunity for detection.The absence on the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 of a fail-safe mechanism to prevent the catastrophic effects of total acme nut loss.

Supergirl is suspicious and thinks there is more to the story. She confronts Maxwell about it. It turns out the bombs had fail-safes and everything was an ultimate test for Supergirl. He used Ethan and his need to help his daughter to get what he wanted. Maxwell basically wanted to get an idea of how Supergirl worked, including her strengths and weaknesses. 041b061a72


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