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Diner Dash Apk Mod Unlock All

Throughout the game, you will unlock various upgrades that will help you speed up your processes. For instance, you may be able to upgrade kitchen appliances or purchase additional hands to help with the cooking.

Diner Dash Apk Mod Unlock All

Cooking Dash is a cooking game where the player plays as the character Flo and goes to many restaurants with various cooking ingredients. You will need to move the character to get the ingredient and correctly bring it to the stove. At the same time, anyone certainly does not want to let the guests go because it affects the collection of stars and unlocks for the next level.

The game begins with an unlikely scene in a small town where everything was destroyed because at first we thought it was a tornado. However, there is something fishy about it as things have been somehow intentionally corrupted. First and foremost, together with Flo and Cookie, you rebuild your destroyed city and bring it back to the life it once had. In addition, you also have to keep your restaurant, the diner, running and generating profits. Use the money you earn to upgrade the restaurant and improve the food. Keep going to grow your business and collect money to rebuild your city.

One of the main goals in the game is to bring life back to different parts of DinerTown. In order to do so, the player must guide Flo through different venues and earn stars. Stars are needed to complete tasks, which in turn progress the story. Keys are a secondary currency that can be used to unlock certain items for the town.

Additionally, the player is able to unlock various customizable outfits for Flo and the customers. The Greasy Spoon Outfit and Baseball Cap are initially unlocked for Flo, while the rest must be unlocked with the use of either Keys or Gems.

Game Features:* Enjoy 10 bonus Zesty Zeppelin levels for FREE when you purchase the Deluxe game! * Get hours of fast-paced fun with tons of challenging levels!* Serve fun and quirky guests including business women, cell phone addicts, vampires, and more!* Explore colorful themed restaurants* Shop the Dash Mart for boosts and upgrades* Show off your Diner Dash expertise by earning special Achievements* Unlock exclusive additional restaurants, including the Courtyard Cafe and Undersea Adventure, through in-App purchase.* Join millions of Diner Dash fans world wide in this chart topping game! ******************* Want more from PlayFirst? Facebook: Twitter: @dinerdash Blog: Website: *******************

Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK is a fun simulation game where players will become real managers and try to develop their own restaurant. In the game, you can also manually create the most delicious dishes to serve your diners and make a profit. First, refer to this article to better understand what this game has to offer.

Hometown Hero, a new time management game from Play First, challenges players to keep their tiny town happy by serving customers in a diner filled with 50 upgrades. The game features two modes of Play; the first, "Sandbox," offers unlimited gameplay, while the second, "Adventure," takes players through eight levels in which they will encounter and overcome new obstacles. When players want to take a break from working in their family diner, they can visit one of three different restaurants to help out for some extra cash.

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