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Bracelets For Couples: The most stunning way to say "I love you.

The promise ring is definitely trendy - as a symbol of love and loyalty or as a substitute for the engagement ring. Would you like to know more about promise rings, and learn more about the reasons and times they are given as gifts? Continue reading.

What is a promise ring?

The terms above all refer to the same thing which is a promise ring. It is a ring which you make a commitment to your love one - typically that your relationship is more important to you than anything else, and that you will remain faithful. What is unique about the promise ring? You can make your very personal promise to it and give it a shape.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and promise ring?

There are differences between the two rings. The meaning is the most important. You wish to have your beloved's hand in marriage with an engagement ring. You're planning to get married. With a promise ring, this is not necessarily the scenario (but obviously it could be). What you promise is entirely up to you and your partner.

The appearance of the ring is another significant distinction. Engagement rings are typically rings that have a single diamond, which is also known as a solitaire. A promise ring on the other hand, can have any design and any kind of stone that you like.

Thirdly the two rings could be worn in a different way. An engagement ring is positioned on the ring finger whether left or right hand, which you can read more here. A promise ring can be worn at any time. Some people wear it as an engagement ring and others put it on another finger. So the choice is yours.

What is it that makes the promise ring so coveted?

Promise rings are very popular for couples who do not have the intention of getting married one day. For those couples, the promise ring is a nice alternative to keep a promise to one another - however, in their own way and without it having anything to be related to marriage.

Promise rings are popular with people who are looking to marry but not immediately. It is not uncommon to marry relatively soon after an engagement although you could be engaged a long while before. The promise ring can be the first step in engagement for couples who aren't quite ready. It means that they will remain together and marry one day - with no pressure to get married.

Who do you think a promise ring is suitable for?

We are all now equal in this regard. Do you want your sweetheart to be proposed to? Do it. It's exactly the same with the promise ring. Lucardi has a large selection of beautiful promise rings designed for males.

Do you want to give your partner a promise ring? It's possible. Pick one of our gorgeous set of promise rings to make this day memorable for you both.

What should I be looking for when purchasing an engagement ring?

Do you want to surprise your beloved with the promise ring? What a great idea. You can choose any ring. Make sure that your sweetheart is happy with the style and the material. Should it be rose gold or yellow gold, or silver? Of course, the proper size is crucial. Don't worry if you don't. You are not alone, that's why you can learn from our blog how to choose the right size ring.


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