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Love Unexpected: A Time-Travel Romance That Will Make You Believe in Fate

Download Love Unexpected: A Romantic C-Drama with a Twist

If you are looking for a romantic C-drama with a twist, you might want to check out Love Unexpected, a 2022 series that combines thriller, mystery, romance, and fantasy elements. In this article, we will tell you what Love Unexpected is about, where you can watch it online, and why you should give it a try.

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What is Love Unexpected about?

Love Unexpected is a C-drama that tells the story of Lu Fanfan, a genius nutritionist, who accidentally travels back in time five years because of a Fermi bubble accident. There, she meets Liu Ruochen, who is not yet a famous lawyer at that time. Liu Ruochen falls in love with Lu Fanfan at first sight, and even risks his life to save her from a fire. Lu Fanfan realizes that this might be her chance to start over and change her fate. Together, they help their friends overcome their problems and face their enemies. However, a series of accidents and conspiracies threaten to tear them apart. Who is behind these incidents? What is the secret of the Fermi bubble? Will Lu Fanfan and Liu Ruochen find their happy ending?

The plot summary

The plot of Love Unexpected is divided into two timelines: the present (2027) and the past (2022). In the present, Lu Fanfan is a successful nutritionist who works for Qian Mingyue, a popular idol singer. She is also engaged to Liu Ruochen, who is now a renowned lawyer. However, their happiness is short-lived when Lu Fanfan is attacked by a mysterious man and loses her memory. She also discovers that Liu Ruochen died in an explosion three years ago, along with their friends Lin Yingzi and Ren Peng. She suspects that someone is trying to kill her and erase her past. She decides to investigate the truth with the help of Qian Mingyue and Ren Yinpeng's brother, Ren Yinsong.

In the past, Lu Fanfan wakes up in 2022 after being involved in a car accident. She finds out that she has traveled back in time because of a Fermi bubble, a rare phenomenon that allows people to cross parallel worlds. She meets Liu Ruochen, who is still a rookie lawyer at that time. He saves her from a fire that was caused by Lin Yingzi's abusive husband. Lu Fanfan feels grateful to him and decides to stay by his side. She also befriends Lin Yingzi, who is a timid housewife; Qian Mingyue, who is an aspiring singer; Ren Peng, who is a hacker; and Ren Yinsong, who is a journalist. Together, they form a close-knit group that supports each other through thick and thin.

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The main characters

The main characters of Love Unexpected are:

  • Lu Fanfan: played by Gong Wanyi, she is the female lead of the series. She is a smart and kind-hearted nutritionist who travels back in time to 2022. She falls in love with Liu Ruochen and tries to change their destiny.

  • Liu Ruochen: played by Yang Tingdong, he is the male lead of the series. He is a handsome and righteous lawyer who falls in love with Lu Fanfan at first sight. He protects her from danger and helps her solve the mystery of the Fermi bubble.

  • Qian Mingyue: played by Ren Yinsong, he is Lu Fanfan's boss and friend. He is a talented and charismatic idol singer who has a crush on Lu Fanfan. He also has a dark past that haunts him.

  • li>Lin Yingzi: played by Zhang Yuxi, she is Lu Fanfan's friend and Liu Ruochen's client. She is a gentle and loyal housewife who suffers from domestic violence. She escapes from her abusive husband with Lu Fanfan's help and starts a new life.

  • Ren Peng: played by Li Zefeng, he is Lu Fanfan's friend and Qian Mingyue's fan. He is a skilled and humorous hacker who provides technical support to the group. He has a crush on Lin Yingzi and tries to win her heart.

  • Ren Yinsong: played by Wang Zixuan, he is Lu Fanfan's friend and Ren Peng's brother. He is a brave and dedicated journalist who exposes the truth behind the Fermi bubble. He also has feelings for Qian Mingyue and competes with him for Lu Fanfan's attention.

The genre and themes

Love Unexpected is a C-drama that belongs to the genre of romance, thriller, mystery, and fantasy. It explores the themes of love, fate, friendship, justice, and parallel worlds. It also incorporates elements of time travel, sci-fi, and suspense. The drama has a complex and intriguing plot that keeps the viewers hooked until the end. It also has a lot of twists and turns that surprise the audience. The drama also showcases the chemistry and emotions of the main couple and their friends. It also has a lot of humorous and heartwarming moments that balance the tension and drama.

Where can you watch Love Unexpected online?

If you are interested in watching Love Unexpected online, you have several options to choose from. Here are some of the websites where you can stream or download Love Unexpected legally: is one of the most popular websites for watching Asian dramas online. It offers high-quality videos with subtitles in various languages. It also has a community of fans who comment and interact with each other. You can watch Love Unexpected on for free with ads, or you can subscribe to Viki Pass for an ad-free experience. You can also download episodes for offline viewing with Viki Pass. is another website that specializes in Asian dramas online. It is owned by iQiyi, one of the largest online video platforms in China. It provides HD videos with subtitles in different languages. It also has exclusive content and original productions. You can watch Love Unexpected on for free with ads, or you can sign up for iQ VIP for more benefits. You can also download episodes for offline viewing with iQ VIP. is a website that allows you to download Asian dramas online for free. It offers various formats and resolutions for your convenience. It also has a large collection of dramas from different countries and genres. You can download Love Unexpected on without any registration or payment.

Why should you watch Love Unexpected?

Love Unexpected is a C-drama that has many reasons to watch it. Here are some of them:

The romance and chemistry

The romance between Lu Fanfan and Liu Ruochen is one of the main attractions of Love Unexpected. They have a sweet and passionate relationship that spans across time and space. They face many challenges and obstacles, but they never give up on each other. They also have a lot of cute and romantic scenes that make the viewers swoon. The actors Gong Wanyi and Yang Tingdong have great chemistry and deliver convincing performances.

The mystery and suspense

The mystery and suspense of Love Unexpected is another reason to watch it. The drama has a lot of mysteries and secrets that keep the viewers guessing and curious. Who is behind the Fermi bubble accident? What is the connection between Lu Fanfan and Liu Ruochen? Who is trying to kill them? How will they solve the cases? The drama has a lot of twists and turns that shock and thrill the audience.

The fantasy and time travel

The fantasy and time travel of Love Unexpected is another reason to watch it. The drama has a lot of fantasy elements that make it unique and interesting. The Fermi bubble is a rare phenomenon that allows people to cross parallel worlds. Lu Fanfan travels back in time to 2022 because of it. She also encounters other people who have experienced it as well. The drama explores the concept of parallel worlds and how they affect each other. The drama also shows how Lu Fanfan changes her past and future by traveling back in time.

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