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600 Essential Words For The TOEIC Test (TOEIC :...

Recommendations for web-based study activities will further help the students increase their vocabulary. New in this edition is a practice TOEIC test based on the actual exam. The enclosed MP3 CD provides essential help in pronunciation and listening comprehension.

600 Essential Words for the TOEIC Test (TOEIC :...

600 Essential Words for the Toeic is one of the must-have books of any Toeic learners. The book offers 600 essential words divided into varied topics such as Contracts, Marketing, Warranties, Business planning, Conferences and so on. Learning new words in such a way will help to boost your vocabulary significantly.

The TOEIC Word List that accompanies Pass the TOEIC Test contains over 1000 words that are commonly used in the TOEIC test. You can download it here free of charge. You will also find some useful tips on how to use the Word List. 041b061a72


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