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Buy Arc Floor Lamp

Do you plan to move the lamp around? The majority of floor lamps are light enough to pick up and move with just one arm. But arc lamps and some larger tripod models can be heavy and unwieldy once assembled. Remember to check the base and total weight before purchasing to avoid being stuck with something heavier than you can comfortably and safely lift.

buy arc floor lamp

If a shade is included, the luminance and quality of diffusion of light should be soft and inviting rather than simply bright; if a lamp is listed as adjustable, the height and direction of lights should be easy to maneuver for tasks.

Our research began with larger retailers specializing in contemporary home decor, including but not limited to Crate and Barrel, CB2, Pottery Barn, World Market, IKEA, West Elm, Amazon, Room & Board, Wayfair, Lamps Plus, and Overstock. We supplemented our research by looking at specialty online retailers such as Rove Concepts, TRNK, Article, Apt2B, and Rejuvenation (plus a bottomless click hole of Pinterest boards) to round out our familiarity with styles and prices, as well as reading the hundreds of comments and reviews associated with each lamp we considered. After looking at hundreds of options when we first wrote this guide, we narrowed down the selection to 15 for testing. In August 2020, we researched dozens more and tested 13 new models.

With the help of a basketball and my deft aim, we tested the stability of each lamp against the simulated bump of a rowdy small canine, a motoring toddler, or a catnip-charged feline to see whether any floor lamp would fall over. (More on that below.)

Finally, we loaded up my truck with the top picks for testing in a home setting, carrying each lamp up three flights of steep stairs and through our front door. Once there, my wife and I read books, browsed iPads and iPhones, and petted our cats under the glow of every lamp.

One other arc lamp we tried, the LumiSource Salon Floor Lamp, had an inadequately proportioned all-metal base that always filled us with worries about tipping over. When in doubt, at this scale always go with the floor lamp with the heavier foundation and superior, thicker-gauged arm.

For those of you wondering about designer-decor catalog options, we did mark for consideration a pair of lamps from CB2 and West Elm. Availability of the CB2 John Floor Lamp and the model we picked from West Elm (which has since been discontinued) fluctuated during the time of our testing, as is common with designer-decor retailer stock throughout the seasons.

Noting its thousands of positive reviews online, we had high hopes for the Norine 61" Tripod Floor Lamp. But our test unit was marred by a poorly threaded connector that prevented us from securing a tight fit between each leg section and the three-way switch assembly, resulting in a lamp that looked as though it had sprained its ankle and would topple over at the hint of a push.

The Luken Brushed Nickel Adjustable 3-Light Tree Floor Lamp sports a more discernible 1950s-influenced design that may not complement every interior. Beyond styling, this three-light tree lamp is otherwise nearly identical to the Aaron 3-Light Floor Lamp. But the hinges connecting each of the shades to the center tubing did feel slightly loose. We were concerned that each hinge could become increasingly looser over time.

When designing a minimalist item, less is more. Every single element serves a purpose which is why the clean lines and the cool silhouette are the epitomai of minimalist design. A perfect fit for any space in your home whether it be in your bedroom next to your bed, in your living room next to the couch, or in a dining room to add ambient light, this subtle statement piece has got you covered. Every room should have this lamp in it and with a variety of different finishes, the options are endless.

This arc floor lamp helps to illuminate nearly any corner of your home. It's made from metal and features a circular base with a slim body and arched top arm to create a slight semi-circle silhouette. We love how this lamp can gracefully arch over the top of your sofa or armchair. Hanging off the arm is a beige fabric drum shade that diffuses the light from the 150W bulb (not included) that sits inside. This lamp is operated by a rotary switch that's located right on the socket, above the shade.

The arched floor lamp is the highest quality and customer favorite lamp that brings a warm and welcoming glow to any room. It is easily positionable near an office desk or work table. From bottom to top it has an easy to use foot switch which also comes with a cord allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere.

This bright floor lamp adopts a combination remote control & foot switch, assuring convenience for daily life. It can decorate and light your space in a modern style. Its elegant and clean lines create a cozy sense of peaceful minimalism when placed in any room. A painted finish paired with fabric drum shade also creates an impressive allure. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary décor, this is an ideal option. With a simple and elegant design, you can proudly display it anywhere you prefer in your home.

This modern arched floor lamp with a simple minimalist adds a touch of uniqueness to any room in the house. This arching floor lamp features a classic design that adds an upscale feel to many decor styles such as urban, mid-century modern, minimalist, vintage, and traditional, giving off warm, cozy light that creates a comfortable space beside your book chair. This lamp is robust and heavy-duty. Prevents tipping, this lamp is convenient to use and also features an on/off pedal switch that allows you to easily tap the lamp on or off with your foot. This stunning arc lamp has a minimalist design that will be a stylish and functional staple in your home for years to come.

The minimalist and elegant style of this arched tall floor lamp is the most popular trend. The modern and traditional design allows these stylish floor lamps to be placed in any room of the house. The floor lamp with a convenient foot switch and 180 adjustable lampshade is overall beautiful and practical. The lampshade is made of linen material, which makes the light comfortable and cozy. Bring you a better enjoyment experience.

The arching floor lamp is an icon of modern design, specifically mid-century modern design. The first of these modern floor lamps was the Arco Floor Lamp, designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The design then is the same design used in variations today: a heavy base (usually marble) out of which a slim stem arcs grandly across a space, terminating in a large shade (often a dome of metal that matches the stem).

The sheer size and dramatic scope of arc floor lamps make them impossible to hide. And why would you want to? These contemporary arching floor lamps deserve to be front and center as their stylish, statement-making appeal is great for starting conversation. In living rooms and great rooms, a floor arc lamp stands out as the central piece of illumination and as a conversation starter. These floor lamps will pair well with other types of living room lighting including table lamps, sconces and overhead track lighting. Modern arc floor lamps also work well in the bedroom or reading nook, providing an exceptional amount of overarching light to help you catch up on your favorite book or the news paper. Finally, you may enjoy placing an arc lamp in the home office or business office. It will provide stylish office lighting and will have plenty of functional use too.

While inherently modern and taking cues from retro design, you'll find this collection of arc lamps fit into a variety of household styles. In contemporary spaces, you'll love an arc lamp from Artemide for its rich design history. Iconic pieces like the classic Tolomeo fit well in modern living rooms and office areas. Hubbardton Forge offers floor lamps for transitional spaces, many of which follow that of a wrought-iron look. And if you appreciate energy efficiency in your home, be sure to check out the LED arc floor lamps from Cerno. Cerno combines eco-friendly materials with the latest in LED technology to deliver an assortment of lamps you will love introducing to your home.

Choosing just the best arc floor lamp follows a similar rationale as choosing any light fixture for the home. First, you need to determine why you need an arching floor lamp (what is its intended purpose or function). Is this style of pendant floor lamp needed for decoration or for its ability to provide ample illumination? Once you know why you are choosing an arching lamp then you will need to decide where you will place the lamp. Remember to review sizing dimensions like height, width and length to best gauge what size lamp will work best. You'll also want to keep in mind the light fixture's recommended bulb type to be prepared with the right light bulb when the fixture arrives. Finally, check out its brightness output if you're planning to use it for reading or similar tasks where bright light is preferred. If you have any questions about the arc lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

When it comes to mid-century modern design, perhaps the only range of lighting fixtures as clearly identifiable as arc floor lamps like the FLOS Arco Floor Lamp would be the line of Poul Henningsen's pendant lighting and chandeliers for Louis Poulsen. The arc lamp design itself is very symbolic of mid-century and retro design, and pairing fixtures from Louis Poulsen with any of these lamps helps create the ideal cohesive space. Lastly, create a cohesive space by pairing any of these arc lamps with equally stylish table lamps.

More and more homeowners are loving the modern look and functionality of arc floor lamps. Built with a heavy base, its curved arm design is able to sustain one or multiple light shades without the need to be mounted onto the ceiling or wall. Arc lamps also provide focal light and are a perfect light source for reading and other tasks, especially when arched over a sofa chair or couch. These floor lamps come in a myriad of colors, finishes, and shade designs suitable for all living spaces no matter what decor style you have in your home. See for yourself why many homeowners are absolutely obsessed with these lights and select your very own arc floor lamp from our catalog. 041b061a72


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