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Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones

GameMaker: Studio Course Level 2

Creating a video game has become easier than ever before. This course will teach you the basics of programming and using an IDE to create a side scrolling game with enemy AI, multiple levels, parallax backgrounds, and sound effects.

GameMaker: Studio Course Level 2

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In the course Game Design Level 1 we designed characters and learned the basics to design our own Jump'n'Run game in "GameMaker Studio 2". In this course we will focus even more on character and level design. We will build puzzles into our levels. You can bring your Jump'n'Run game from the Level 1 course to develop your ideas further. By the end of the course, you will have improved your game design skills and have a polished game that is even more fun to play!Level 1 or experience with GameMaker Studio is required.

Introduction to Game Design is the first part of our gaming courses using Game Maker Studio 2. In this course kids will have the chance to learn about game design, sprites, animations, levels, etc. Throughout the different levels we will build brick breaker games, maze games, scrolling shooter games, and platform games, just to mention a few.

Comprising of 4 Levels, each level takes 6 weeks (or 2 full days) and builds on the skills developed in the previous level. Have your child complete just the one level or go on to become a master this whole course by completing all 4. 041b061a72


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