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Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Wings Of Ruin -- Fit...

For new players who came over from Monster Hunter Rise, Stories has a very similar concept but follows some more traditional JRPG themes. As such, the way you get armor will be slightly different. For that reason, the best first one to go with is definitely the bone armor. It is a common first choice for starting players in the Monster Hunter games. The fact that it is easy to farm materials for and comes with a pretty good defense buff that will help sustain lower-leveled hunters against hard-hitting monsters makes it a solid choice. This set also has a non-elemental attack boost.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Wings of Ruin -- fit...

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The bear-like gluttonous Arzuros is an icon of the monster hunter games. For players who want a decent armor set but don't want to farm for it, the Arzuros armor is available to purchase with bottlecaps fairly early on in the game.

Unlike other simian Fanged Beast monsters, Blagonga are typically seen in snowy environments, where they pick up and throw ice at their opponents, which can inflict a snowman status on inexperienced hunters. Due to their alpha male status, they can also call smaller Blangos to fight alongside them. Since Monster Hunter Stories 2 has the Loloska area, Blagongas would be a perfect fit for it. 041b061a72


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