Our Manifesto

Oneforty is a venue - it’s a gallery space for artistic, creative and intellectual ideas to come together. We are here to provide for the community, to be a space where everyone can relax and re-charge, whether it’s for a five-minute pick-me-up espresso, or an hour spent discussing or musing with a comforting cappuccino. 

Oneforty is inspired by Australian coffee culture, aiming to create am atmosphere of prosperity and calm.

Our coffee beans are hand-roasted and locally sourced from East London, freshly ground using a Victoria Arduino grinder. We’re constantly sourcing exquisitely crafted teas and drinks, and serving healthy and home-made cakes.  

You know everything is going well when you’re sitting down, relaxing, and having a well-made cup of coffee. Some of the best movements started in European cafes in the 1820s — as a result of this beneficial drink connecting people and creating conversation. 

Our coffee shop is regularly servicing a variety of music nights, vegan and eco-living markets, film screenings and other social events. We also promote healthy and sustainable living, connecting and supporting local businesses and craftsmen to people. 

We are open for everyone who is looking for a moment of creativity and calm, or would simply like to enjoy by far the best cup of coffee in the area!


About the Founder

Kasem Chouja

You know you’re doing well when you’re sitting down, having a coffee and relaxing — it’s the symbol of life going well, like a victory drink. 

Growing up in Sydney, where coffee is central to locals and culture, I’ve worked in cafes, and trained as a barista from the age of 18 — that’s 27 years ago! And they say what doesn’t kill you…   Coffee culture in Sydney is really world class, and defined along with Melbourne, which you could say is the place where it really happened first. I started drinking coffee when I was fourteen because of its health benefits — it opens up lungs and airways — and in Sydney I’d start going to cafes, and see they are integral to the culture of creative and intellectual people. The environment is seeding, an enabler of higher minded things, like art, music and philosophy. 

My attention to health and nutrition comes in response to growing up with asthma and allergies. It made me aware that our mental and physical state can be greatly enhanced by eating well, taking certain vitamins, minerals and whole foods, which helps to maximise our experience and reach our physical potential while we’re here. 

This is the story to why today, I’ve decided to open a venue which serves these purposes — providing a healthy nutritional alternatives and a space for creative, mindful and intellectual experience. 

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