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Harrow Music Studio

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Recording Studio, Rehearsal Space and Music Lessons

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Record Music


Record your tracks with an in-house sound engineer.

Rehearse Music

£15 ph

Looking for a place to practice music with no disturbance, and with a great coffee shop servicing the music studio? Or do you need a new space to create new music, work on ideas, and let magic happen? 140 Studio is the perfect space.

Learn Music 


We offer music lessons - piano, drums, guitar, and music theory.  You can enjoy the many benefits of learning music, whether for grades 1-8, or developing existing skills or a complete beginner.  Situated in West Harrow.  

Music Studio: Price List

Music lessons for all ages - message or call 07894341430 for enquiries!

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A Music Studio in Harrow

Harrow Music Studio is a great place to rehearse. It offers a comfortable and professional environment, high-quality instruments and sound equipment, and flexible scheduling at affordable rates. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to help musicians with their sound or equipment. Overall, Harrow Music Studio provides a supportive and collaborative atmosphere for musicians to create great music without worrying about logistics.

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