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The Concept of Corner Handicap Betting and Effective Strategies for Beginners

What is Corner Handicap Betting?

Corner handicap betting is one of the most popular types of bets that do not relate to the final score. Instead of trying to predict how many goals a team will score, you only need to focus on corner kicks. This type of bet is not easy but also not too difficult. If you want to add some excitement to each match, you should learn soccer tips daily about and participate in corner handicap betting.

Understanding Corner Handicap Betting

As the name suggests, this form of betting involves a handicap when predicting corners. You will predict which team will win more corners, according to the odds provided by the bookmaker. This type of bet does not require you to be too knowledgeable about the teams' performance. However, you must understand the playing style of the teams involved.

Typically, there are quite a few corners in a match. Accurately predicting the exact number of corners a team will win is quite challenging, but you can predict which team will win more. A reputable bookmaker will provide a detailed betting table with different odds for both teams. The principle of choosing the favorite and the underdog is similar to score betting.

Depending on the match, there will be different odds tables for you to quickly check the odds. Generally, the payout rates offered by bookmakers are quite high, helping you to gain additional income. You only need to spend a little time considering the playing styles of the two teams to accurately predict the bookmaker's odds.

Win/Loss Scenarios in Corner Handicap Betting

Corner handicap betting is essentially similar to traditional score handicap betting. The bookmaker will provide a number as the corner handicap rate, alongside the total corner rate. Your task is to predict which team will win the corresponding number of corners to this rate.

For example, in the match on October 24, 2021, between Liverpool and Manchester United in the Premier League, a reputable bookmaker offered a handicap rate of Liverpool giving 3 corners. You will win or lose your bet in the following scenarios:

Liverpool finishes the match with exactly the number of corners more than Manchester United as per the handicap rate. If you bet on Liverpool -> You win the bet, those who bet on MU lose the bet.

Manchester United wins more corners, you bet on Manchester United -> You win the bet, those who bet on Liverpool lose the bet.

Types of Corner Handicap Betting

Corner handicap betting is not overly diverse in its forms, making it easy for players to choose their bets and avoid information overload. You can predict the number of corners in the first half or the entire match depending on your needs and the information available. Here are the two most common types of corner handicap bets:

First Half Corner Handicap Betting

You will predict which team will win more corners in the first half by the handicap rate. Usually, if the underdog team wins more corners, the payout rate will be higher.

Full Match Corner Handicap Betting

You must consider which team will have the advantage in corners throughout the match. Because the prediction period is longer, this form is a bit more challenging. You need to carefully check the odds from a reputable bookmaker.

By understanding these concepts and carefully considering the playing styles of the teams involved, you can participate in corner handicap betting effectively and add more excitement to each match.

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Is Betting on Handicap Corners Difficult?

For many people, predicting football scores has become a habit, so encountering a different type of bet can be somewhat confusing. However, if you choose handicap corner bets, you won't need to worry about this. This type of bet is inherently easier to play and doesn't require you to spend too much time and effort.

Typically, each team has its own characteristics regarding corners or throw-ins. Some teams may win at least 5 corners per match, while others may not even reach this number. If you regularly watch football and understand each team's playing style, analyzing corner bets won't be too difficult for you.

According to many people, corner bets have very attractive odds but are not as hard to play as score bets. You can easily determine the maximum and minimum number of corners that might occur. Therefore, predicting the number of corners in each half or the entire match is easier. After getting accurate results and winning the bet, you will enjoy quite high odds.

Additionally, top betting sites frequently update articles with corner bet analysis. You can refer to this information to make more accurate handicap corner bets.

How to Bet on Handicap Corners Effectively

Besides understanding the concept and reading the odds table, you also need some skills to play corner bets accurately. Here are some suggestions from the top betting sites for you to consider and apply:

Understand Each Team’s Playing Style

To analyze handicap corner bets accurately, you must know whether the team prioritizes this opportunity. For instance, Manchester United pays close attention to scoring from corners, as they emphasize set-piece situations. On the contrary, Manchester City players are often "lazy" with corners, treating them like regular passes.

Therefore, teams that focus on set-pieces tend to win more corners. Conversely, teams that prioritize aggressive field attacks will limit corner wins. If two teams with such playing styles face each other, you can easily predict the outcome.

Know the Players in Each Team

Apart from the general playing style of each team, individual players or superstars also affect corner kicks. For example, if a club signs a player with excellent free-kick skills during the transfer window, the coaching staff will certainly find ways to utilize this strength in the upcoming matches, increasing the number of goals scored.

Bet on the Stronger Team

In a match between a strong team and a weak team, the stronger team often has a tendency to attack aggressively to score. As a result, the weaker team will have to clear the ball more often, leading to more corners. Additionally, the lack of professionalism and top-tier skills might prevent the players from clearing the ball out of bounds, forcing them to opt for corners.

Above is a summary of information dark web betting tips app about handicap corner bets and the most effective way to play them for beginners. Please refer to and apply these tips to your corner bet analysis on top betting sites. Good luck!


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